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Eastside Cultural Center

After years of talking about the need for an independent and progressive cultural institution in East Oakland, we've made a move. The EastSide Arts Alliance has opened and now proudly presents the EASTSIDE CULTURAL CENTER.

ESAA believes that the most effective way to work for self-determination for Third World communities is to build a permanent cultural center where artists, residents, youth and families can come together for ongoing programs, to preserve traditions, invent new cultural expressions, and openly voice their opinions about our multiple concerns.

There is no other space in East Oakland where the predominantly Asian, Latino, Native and African American communities can share common ground to create a cultural dialogue of understanding and solidarity. The EastSide Cultural Center presents weekly performances and ongoing arts workshops with open rooms for recording artists, videography and printmaking. The building also includes 16 affordable housing units, and has plans to host a people's bookstore and cafe.

This cultural center serves the people in our communities, and its success depends on community support. Such a valuable neighborhood resource is as critical as the schools, libraries, churches, and parks that reflect the health and well-being of our families. Help us transform our uniquely diverse, but long-neglected neighborhoods into a vibrant, creative and unified community.

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